The Inaugural Tour: November 2018

Sparked by reading a number of articles on the slow pace of post-hurricane recovery in Puerto Rico — American trombonist and small businessman, Robert Mott, wondered “could we take a group of trombone players to Puerto Rico to perform free concerts, contribute to the rebuilding economy and let our brothers and sisters on the island know that we have not forgotten them?” Percolating this idea with fellow trombonist and YouTube sensation, Christopher Bill — and like-minded trombone colleagues and professionals from across the Mid-Atlantic — we traveled to the island the week of November 7-12, 2018 with a group of fellow trombonists to:
  • SPEND MONEY in locally-owned hotels and restaurants

  • PERFORM 8 FREE CONCERTS in six different cities around the island to raise spirits

  • SUPPORT MUSIC EDUCATION  with free clinics and a full-day workshop at the Conservatorío de Música that reached more than 75 Puerto Rican trombonists

  • DONATE 12 plastic pBone Trombones

  • REPAIR dozens of Trombones (free of charge) courtesy of Mike Corrigan



Robert Mott
Robert MottHarrisonburg, VA
Tom McKenzie
Tom McKenzieHarrisonburg, VA
Bam Bam Rodriguez
Bam Bam RodriguezFajardo, PR
Christopher Bill
Christopher BillNew York, NY
Jay Crone
Jay CroneBlacksburg, VA
Bertha Rodriguez
Bertha RodriguezFajardo, PR
Andy Lankford
Andy LankfordHarrisonburg, VA
Steve Metzler
Steve MetzlerHot Springs, VA
German Peña Haddock
German Peña HaddockHumacao, PR
Becca Bauer
Becca BauerCharlottesville, VA
Brett Harrington
Brett HarringtonMobile, AL
Mike Corrigan
Mike CorriganKansas City, MO