Mass Trombone Choir

A 90-member strong trombone choir performs 76 Trombones and Shenandoah. Nearly 100 trombonists came to Tromblow’in, a workshop for trombone players hosted by Mr. Jefferson’s Bones and the JMU Trombone Association, at James Madison University on Saturday, January 30, 2016. | Photo by Pat Jarrett

Game of BonesOver the last three years, our Mass Trombone Choir grew to over 80 trombonists! We will perform two pieces for the finale of the Grand Concert. Following our long-established tradition, we will perform a brand-new arrangement of Shenandoah, penned by noted area trombonist and jazz composer, Mark Maynard. We’ll also be performing the theme to HBO’s smash hit, Game of Thrones, with all its menacing low brass glory! Accessible parts available have been arranged for players of all abilities. We assign parts according to skill level (i.e. younger students will have easier parts to play, no super high notes, all in bass clef, etc.) TO REVIEW/PRACTICE PARTS IN ADVANCE please register and we will email you music to practice in advance of the workshop (as posting parts is uncool and a violation of copyright laws). Thanks!

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